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The Best Brothel in Wetherill Park

 Jingle Bells – voted number one brothel in Wetherill Park

The best brothel in Wetherill Park is Jingle Bells – not that we are biased…. well OK we are biased, but with good reason. For a start have you seen how gorgeous the Jingle Bells girls are?

Then there Wetherill Park brothelare the amazing rooms which are all freshly redecorated, all different and each with it’s own character.

Here’s our wicked Four Poster Room for example many a Jingle Bells girl has had the time of her life being tied up to this beauty…. or was that many a Jingle Bells girl has had the time of her life tying up a gentleman to this beauty.


So we did actually have a vote for the best brothel in Wetherill Park.

However it was completely unfair and unjust because we only asked the girls, the desk staff and management and our darling punters who came in last weekend. We didn’t have a single detractor though. What can we say….we are marvellous.