5 Mind-Blowing Oral Sex Positions

Full penetrative sex is a many splendid thing but sometimes a girl and a boy need something that only quality oral sex positions can deliver. Oral sex is a staple of every rocking bedroom. Why not try one of the ideas below.

Wetherill Park Brothel#1 The Sofa Surfer

Of all the oral sex positions this is one of the more challenging. It is where a bloke needs to lie upside down on the sofa,  back and head on the seat and legs draped over the back. The girl needs to kneel over his face, facing the back of the sofa. Then a gentle bend over with your long luscious hair (if you have it) tickling his inner thighs. And then in for a delicious and fully satisfying 69. Something about this position which is so much more satisfying than a flailing limbed top-of-the-bed version. Men find the raised leg sending blood to the nether regions can give a raised sense of all that is well with the world.

#2 Stand to attention

Standing to attention in military fashion with flag at full mast the gentleman here needs to coax the lady toward him seemingly for an innocent kiss. When she falls into his orbit he needs to do one of the most technically difficult manoeuvres known to man studs anywhere. One hand under the gusset, flip her up over your raised knee then in one very quick move both hands under her shoulders as you tip her into the upside down position. It can end a relationship if you get it wrong and it can involve an ambulance if you drop her on her head so stay alert. Once in posish then you have the delight of the upside down oral experience which is exquisite. You can switch your arms to her waist. Just make sure you hold all her weight so she is free with head and hands to deliver what only she can.

#3 Two 4-legged Lovers

One of the simpler oral sex positions but totally hot and puts the giver in control of the angle and pressure. Receiver on all fours facing the view across Bondi Beach or the Emerson Street Reserve – giver up from the back on all fours – basically like the dogs in the street. This one can be a neat segue into the world of anilingus, if that’s a place of pleasure for you.

#4 The Sidecar

Aka the Lazy Girl’s Blow Job – The Sidecar is one of the oral sex positions beloved by the lazy lover. Simply lay on your sides facing each other. An exceptional way to give a bloke pleasure without killing your knees or getting a major neck strain. Lends itself to saucy behaviour with a humble reach around to play with his back door. For those with the inclination etc.

#5 Ice Cream Dream

A rarely performed classic of the ancient world, the ice cream dream (In Callacticus it was called the Limbus Oralum) requires popping your partner into a giant sling with a discreet slit to allow access to the privates only. It is imperative the rest of his or her body is completely covered by the sheet which is of course swinging from a hook which you had put up especially for such an occasion. Gently swing your lover to and fro or in a circular movement. Then comes the tricky bit. You need to get underneath and take your oral skills to the passing private parts. This can be intensely pleasurable as there is that element of surprise for the recipient. In the words of our Michelle... “Absolutely rocking, totally rocks, totally get your rocks off.”

These hot oral sex positions can work equally as foreplay or as the main event so make sure you eat your porridge first and then let yourself and your imagination go and enjoy yourself.

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