8 Reasons Why Sex is Good For You

1. Sex increases you ability to deal with stress

Sex on a regular basis gives you the ability to deal with stress more efficiently. In a study of 22 men and 24 women in Scotland, those who had sex were able to cope with stressful scenarios  more positively in comparison to those who were abstaining from sex.

2. Sex boosts your body’s pain relieving mechanism

The release of oxytocin during sex tends to boost endorphins, which are the natural painkiller of the body. Sex is known to help alleviate PMS symptoms, arthritis pain and headaches. So book in a therapeutic sex session now by ringing 02 9757 1110

3. Glowing skin

A good healthy ruck is a strenuous form of exercise. Sex opens up the clogged pores of your skin. This brightens your skin and brings back any lost glow. Pore cleansing also minimizes your risk of developing dermatitis. So come and get your sexual after glow at Tickles Wetherill Park

4. Strengthening your muscles

It doen’t always feel like it in the heat of the moment but the effort undertaken by both partners during sex can strengthening the core muscles. It’s as good as running miles and miles for strengthening the muscles and a lot more fun.

5. Sex increases your body’s immune system

According to a study at Wilkes University having sex once or twice in a week had an increased level of an antibodies which helped in fighting cold and cough infection. Specifically once or twice in a week is said to increase the levels of these antibodies and keep you in good health for having yet more good for your health sex at Jingle Bells licensed brothel in the Western Suburbs, Sydney.

6. Sex improves your blood pressure and heart rate

Numerous studies in the U.S.A. have shown that regular sex results in a drastic improvement in your blood pressure and heart rate.  A good session with a Jingle Bells girl can release oxytocin in your body in a high quantity. Even a good feel up and fondle can play a major role in improving your heart rate and blood pressure.

7. Sex  a great calorie burner

Burn off 85 calories in half an hour having fun with a Tickles Girl. Exercise that is actually fun! Pleasure and weight loss – how good is that.

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