A Discrete COVID-Safe Good Time

Boys, it’s time to log off PornHub!

UPDATE! We are registered for the NSW COVID Check-in, but don’t worry, we’re registered in the business category of ‘Other’ and all data is removed after 28 days. So, your secret is safe with us 😉

Say good-bye to those sticky mobile phones. No more hurried retreats to the bathroom to quietly rub one out, hoping the wife and kids don’t hear a moan or a

We know this past year has been hard for many of you. But thankfully, the lovely ladies at Jingle Bells, the leading western Sydney brothel, are back and ready to offer you some well-needed relief from the stresses of 2020.

And for those of you who may be concerned that, in this time of COVID, abstinence is the only way to stay safe, fear not.

At Jingle Bells, the health of our valued guests, our girls and our staff are our top priority.

We’ve been working closely with relevant health authorities to ensure we are fully compliant with all COVID requirements. Our management team has developed and implemented a comprehensive ‘COVID Safe’ plan that aligns with all official health advice.

Some of our COVID health and hygiene measures include:

  • All our ladies and staff undergo a daily temperature check and are under strict instruction that if they display any symptoms whatsoever, even the mildest
    sniffles or scratchy throat, they must not enter the premises and must immediately get a COVID test.
  • All our ladies and staff have received comprehensive information and training on COVID, including ways to be tested, how to ensure social distancing is maintained in our premises, and how to undertake appropriate hygiene and cleaning.
  • Whilst our ladies do not typically wear facemasks whilst hosting guests, other staff do wear facemasks. Should any guest wish to wear a facemask, or be hosted by a lady wearing a facemask, we can accommodate such requests. Please notify us ahead of time so this request can be accommodated.
  • We have extensive conditions of entry. Every visitor to our premises must undergo a temperature check. Nobody displaying any signs of a high temperature, or showing any symptoms of being unwell, will be admitted to the premises.
  • Visitors to our premises will be asked to confirm that within the previous 14 days they have not been overseas, nor to any COVID hotspots within Australia. If they have, then they will not be permitted entry to the premises.
  • We carefully restrict the numbers of people present on the premises at any given time to ensure adequate social distancing can be maintained. We do not admit more than one person per four square meters to the premises at a time.
  • All public areas, including entrances, exits, corridors and waiting rooms, have been arranged to allow social distancing and avoid any over-crowding. We also take measures to avoid crowds immediately outside our premises.
  • Upon entering the premises, every individual will be required to scan-in using a QR code. All visitors will be required to submit their name and contact details which we retain for 28 days. We understand that many guests have privacy concerns. However, in the current circumstances, we are required by health authorities to maintain accurate records of all people that enter the premises. This is to allow contact-tracing to take place if required. Please be advised that we have strict privacy policies in place to ensure guest names and contact details are not disclosed to any third party unless required to so by law. All contact data is securely erased after 28 days.
  • We have established meticulous cleaning protocols. Each room is thoroughly cleaned between each guest using hospital-grade disinfectant. Fresh bed linen and towels are provided for each guest.
  • On a daily basis, we systematically go through the entire premises, including all public areas, to undertake deep cleaning using hospital-grade disinfectant. Special attention is paid to all high-traffic areas and surfaces.
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers are placed around the premises. Soap and paper towels are available in all bathrooms. We require all our ladies, staff and
    visitors to practice regular hand hygiene. If you have any questions about visiting Jingle Bells or our health and hygiene protocols, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are only too happy to discuss any feasible measures we can take that would give our guests greater peace of mind that our premises are safe.

Come for a great (and perfectly safe) time, boys!

You’re always welcome at Jingle Bells, your Sydney Adult entertainment club in Wetherill Park, New South Wales. Phone 02 9757 1110

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