Big Ass Sydney

Most academics agree that history falls into two significant periods – Skinny Ass and Big Ass.

Where it is more difficult to get agreement is exactly when we slipped from the epoch of the skinny to the epoch of the fat. Like many old men who reflect on their youth say…. “Exactly when did I slide from young buck to dirty old man?”

Many of us slightly older cobbers look back on the 1990’s with fond memories. Pert little bottoms abounded. Kate Moss, heroin chic and anorexic models were all the rage and the driving force of that look was the petite round bottom which a man could grab heartily in one hand and squeeze his girl up against him.

Pert is cute. Pert gives a hot blooded Australian man the sense that he is the man – that he can pick his girl up in his arms and make love to her in the standing position without fear of slipping a disk.


Big Ass Sydney


In contrast Big is Bootiful. Rap culture with its gangsta trimmings and bootilicious linguistic contributions is probably more responsible than anything for the move from pert to big ass. Many a thrusting rumpy video was made and booty stars such as Beyonce and Nikki Minaj have become idols to young girls eating doughnuts for breakfast across the world.

There is also a never-ending parade of reality stars, pop stars and wishful thinkers who bludgeoned the world into submission through a tsunami of tweets, facebook updates, instagram posts and episodes of The Kardasians until we lay bleeding and pleading to twang the panty elastic of bums bigger than Bendigo.


Big Ass Wetherill Park


Big ass certainly has an advantage over skinny ass when it comes to the twerk. And big ass cheeks do look rather fabulous because only they can make tiny g-strings or panties look really tiny and really sexy.

The good news is that the girls at Jingle Bells come in different shapes and sizes. Busty, skinny, voluptuous bootylicious… we have it all at Western Sydney’s favourite brothel.

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