Brothel Definition

The most commonly used word in English for a house where men visit prostitutes is probably ‘brothel’. So Jingle Bells thought they had better take a bit more of a look into the term that is both loved and despised, both heralded and frowned upon in about equal measure. It’s all part of the thoroughly good education that one can get if they work at or frequent Jingle Bells.

It is sometimes said that the oldest profession in the world is prostitution and certainly there is plenty of evidence of it back in the classical era. Virtually every second house in Rome was a brothel. In Pompeii there is an intact brothel that even features erotic paintings showing acts of extreme hanky panky.

The Roman word for brothel was Lupanar, meaning a wolf den, and a prostitute was called a lupa (“she-wolf”). But don’t worry, all the girls at Jingle Bells are soft as kittens.

Erotic Scene at the Lupanar brothel in Pompeii
Erotic Scene at the Lupanar brothel in Pompeii

Here is a short list of names brothels may also be known by:

  • house of ill repute
  • house of prostitution
  • disorderly house
  • bordello
  • house of prostitution
  • disorderly house
  • maison close
  • whorehouse
  • cathouse
  • drum
  • knocking shop
  • creep joint
  • crib
  • massage parlour
  • bawdy house
  • house of ill fame
  • bagnio
  • stew
  • strippy
  • pleasure house
  • strumpet house
  • sporting house
  • gentleman’s club

There are many famous brothel’s across the world and we felt we had to mention one of them – The Pascha – a monster 12-storey 9,000 square metre brothel in Cologne, Germany. With about 120 prostitutes, over 80 employees and up to 1000 customers per day, it is Europe’s largest brothel and the sort of place a vigourous bloke can really get himself into seven sorts of trouble.

Jingle Bells is not quite that industrial. We are more like a family with our 10 deliciously sexy rooms and a great choice of sexy girls. All our lovely ladies have great bodies, fabulous personalities, and sublime technique.

A brothel should be a house of fun, a place to relax and feel completely at ease with yourself and the beautiful girls who work there.

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