Cheap Escorts – A be careful guide

Sydney is famous for its outstanding escorts and its liberal laws on adult services. Inevitably that means there are going to be models at the top of the market whose time is likely to be upwards from $500 per hour. At the other end of the market, despite great industry practices in general, there will be some badly run cheap escorts services.

So how can you really know what you are going to get?

Well Jingle Bells is run and managed by a team of professionals who have over a decade of experience in the business. At Jingle Bells we host in house. Our reputation that has been built up over years of quality service means you can be assured of an excellent and rewarding service. And because of our location and scale – we have ten rooms – then we are able to keep costs to a minimum whilst still being able to reward our girls with the income they deserve. Cheap escorts we don’t do, but we are cheap compared to many brothels in Western Sydney.

If you are in dire need of a companion and and you are looking to spend a hot night or a saucy afternoon with a girl who knows how to have fun, then roll your truck through the Jingle Gates in Wetherill Park.


Cheap Escorts Sydney


Cheap Escorts in Sydney are no substitute for a good quality brothel like Jingle Bells

At Jingle Bells in Wetherill Park, Western Sydney we understand what you really need – whatever you need – just let us know and we will do everything to match you to the right Jingle Belle to satisfy your every desire.

Our non negotiable fixed low price will suit your budget without sacrificing the quality of the experience. A lot of our regular clients have testified to what Jingle Bells can provide.

“I drive from Canberra to Brisbane two times per month. I always treat myself to a stop off at Jingle Bells. First point of order is to have a shower. They are always pristine with fresh fluffy towels which I really appreciate after a long day in the truck. The girls are fabulous. I have a couple of regulars that I adore but occasionally I try something different. I always have a good time and couple of me mates go there too now and they reckon it’s great too.”

Jingle Bells might not have cheap escorts but we can spell out the word “fun” – even for people with a tight budget. And as well as having some fantastic young talent we have experienced and talented babes and mistresses as well. We know how to make any man satisfied. Jingle Bells specialises in pleasure and satisfaction. No other brothel in Sydney offers in house cheap escorts for prices as low as Jingle Bells. Come to think of it.

There is absolutely nothing as exciting as being with a beautiful Jingle Bells girl. Our ladies will ensure you have a great time and will utilise their not insignificant skills in pleasing you. So don’t wait to find your fun with a hotter than hot beautiful babe.

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