Couple’s Training: The key to building an enduring relationship by spicing things up

OK boys, here are some questions for you:

  • Do you know the difference between the clit and the labia?
  • Any idea what the vulva is?

If it’s all just ‘pussy’ to you, then it sounds like you need a guiding hand to point you in the right direction and to the right spot.
After all, a woman’s body is a complicated thing.

If you don’t know the basics, how are you ever going to find that elusive G-spot so you can truly please the woman in your life?!

Trust us when we tell you that being an amazing lover takes practice. And even if you’ve been ‘practising’ for years, are you really certain you’re fully satisfying your partner?

All too often, women put up with mediocre sex for years. Not wanting to hurt their man’s feelings, they just lie back and think of England.

So boys, it’s time to man up and get some professional training!

With expert guidance from our ladies at Jingle Bells, western Sydney’s best brothel, you’ll be trained in all the right moves to guarantee you make your partner climax every time.

Couple’s Training: A unique way to spice up your relationship

There are several ways we can help enhance your bedroom skills.

Of course, you could have 1-on-1 training. Our ladies are only too happy to let you practice on them. They’ll answer all your questions and guide you on how to be a stud in the sack.

But we think there’s an even better way to improve things in the bedroom: Couple’s Training.

Why not have one of our lovely ladies join you and your partner for an intimate threesome experience? It could be exactly what you need to spice up your relationship.

After all, every woman is unique. In a safe and trusting environment, we will work with your partner to understand her deepest desires. We will then help you develop the techniques to fully satisfy her.

All too often, couples don’t open up to each other about what they truly want in a sexual relationship. The man assumes he knows what his woman wants, whilst the woman feels awkward to talk about what she really wants.

The result can be sex that is unsatisfactory and leads to unnecessary tensions in the relationship. In our view, getting things right in the bedroom can dramatically improve all aspects of your relationship.

Couple’s Training – more popular than ever

Up to 15% of brothel visitors are now couples! And that number is on the rise.

More couples than ever are beginning to see the benefits of some professional bedroom guidance. As society develops more liberal attitudes to sexuality, the sex industry is no longer taboo. People are now more open to the idea of having a safe environment to explore sexuality with the assistance of a paid professional.

At Jingle Bells we pride ourselves on providing a safe space in which both men and women can be comfortable. It’s a space where all types of sexual activities can be explored. Many of our guests find themselves letting down barriers for the first time in their lives.

It’s a process that can be highly therapeutic.

Most importantly, we never judge. We understand that sexuality is a journey, and each individual is on a different path. We treat every individual with respect and kindness.

Tips on discussing threesomes with your partner

Discussing threesomes with your partner can be a delicate subject. Some women may be open to the idea, but others may not.

Start by having intimate discussions about what you can do to satisfy her more. Take the time to learn about her desires.

When you eventually suggest the idea of a threesome, it’s important to clearly convey the message that what you’re proposing isn’t just about you getting-off with two chicks. You should explain that you want to reach a deeper level of intimacy with her, and some guidance from an expert in a safe, non-judgemental environment will help you both achieve that.

Ultimately, it’s got to be as much about her needs as your needs.

Threesomes work best when everyone is equally excited about it. Open communication between you and your lady is essential to making it a positive experience.

At Jingle Bells, we can help you

As an initial step, you can suggest that the two of you drop by Jingle Bells for a no-obligation chat with one of our ladies. As western Sydney’s leading brothel, we will be happy to sit with you both and discuss your feelings and what you would hope to achieve out of the experience. This can go a long way to making your partner feel comfortable.

Then, once she is ready to begin her threesome journey, simply reach out to us and we will take care of the rest!

You’re always welcome at Jingle Bells, your Sydney Adult entertainment club in Wetherill Park, New South Wales, phone 02 9757 1110

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