Expert Pleasure Techniques for the Bedroom

Firstly, legend, you’re actually wanting genuine pleasure for your woman. Go you!

The best sex has mutual pleasure and extreme climaxes, and those only come from both of you wanting the other to have the best experience of your lives.


The biggest sex organ for women? The Brain

Sex may seem “instinctive” for men, but for women sex is about having your head in the act, 100%. Ensure she’s comfortable, complimented and knows you are focused on her complete pleasure.


Foreplay First

Making out – don’t forget the slow build that comes from making out like you’re a teenager.

Boobalicious – don’t go straight in for the nipple bullseye, try soft and increasingly firmer caresses and touches on the breast, teasing the nipple but not overworking it.

Talk dirty – but not completely filthy. PG is ok – but R18+ with name calling is not (unless boundaries, safe words and consent has been discussed first).


Put your tongue to work

Despite many women feeling a bit self-conscious about their vaginas, the pleasure of oral on a woman is mind-blowing. And we certainly don’t receive it enough. So what are the best tips?

  • Don’t just focus on the clit. Overpowering the clit can desensitise it, so focus on the whole area, starting from the inner thighs. Delicious!
  • Mix up light and soft. Small tongue flicks and taking big mouthfuls; both are good, but mix it up. Too much of one thing won’t get her going.
  • Try doing the alphabet with your tongue. You’ll see.
  • Hum a few beats of a song as your mouth is full, the vibration will warm her engine, guaranteed.

Consider Kink

Stay with us. While kink may seem a bit far-fetched for some, research in the UK shows 75% of people had at least one kink. Perhaps your woman has a hidden passion that will have her squirting more than a sprinkler. How will you know unless you ask?


Stick around after

Cuddling after sex, just like in the movies, is more compulsory than cliché. Your woman will leave on a high if you’ve spent the time afterward to be present.


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