Female Pleasure Demystified

So you’ve got a new (or old!) lady in your life and you want to pleasure her as much as she pleases you. But with your limited repertoire in the bedroom (you know what we mean: missionary and occasional doggy shouldn’t be your only tricks) – how do you really pleasure a woman?

The short answer: it’s all about stimulation.


Women don’t have a simple “on/off” switch like men. Women need to be stimulated by all of the senses to feel genuine pleasure.

SOUND The sweet sultry tunes of a Bedroom Jams on a Spotify list are a starting point. Better yet, ask her what music she might like to “wet the mood” (the good way!)

SMELL Find the most subtle yet appealing cologne in your price range. Nothing beats a fresh showered man with a subtle scent…

SIGHT Her ideal sexual experience might be candles and rose petals, or it might be chains and a gag – there is no one size fits all and how you present your location for pleasure will depend on her taste

TASTE This one is partly linked to smell – hygiene is king. It sounds basic but fellas, brush your teeth. And despite what porn might show you, no woman truly wants to suck on a pair of sweaty, hairy balls. Your expectations for her grooming to please all your taste sensations, also apply to you. Wash and shave.

TOUCH Often the most important of all of the senses. Some women respond to internal touch (penetration with toy, fingers, fist or penis), some respond to external (clit rubbing, nipple caresses, light biting). It is common for women to enjoy both. The point here is that this is about her pleasure, not just yours. Unsure if she likes it? Simply ask. Not all women want double penetration. But some do. Not all women want you tug their hair and pinch their nipples, but some do. For some to climax it may simply take a skilled 30 seconds of cunnilingus. For others it may take an hour of mixed foreplay, teasing, touching and sensory experience.


THE #1 THING YOU MUST KNOW! Most women are impressed simply by the fact that you want to truly pleasure them. Sex is often centred on male desire, so your eagerness to please her will turn her on from the very get go!


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