What is the Difference Between a Geisha and an Escort?

The geisha has an internationally distinctive look. Her traditional kimono and white painted face is an icon of Japanese culture.

The former capital city of Kyoto is the spiritual home of the geisha and although geishas are associated with the past even today, one can catch a geisha scuttling down the street, on the way to meet the evenings client.


Geisha vs Escort


So what is the definition of a geisha? And what is the difference between a geisha and an escort?  Jingle Bells research team present the evidence!

What is the definition of a geisha?

A Geisha does not engage in sexual or intimate activity with her clients. It’s worth mentioning that ‘geisha girls’ do have that connection in reference to US servicemen during and after World War 2. Geishas are highly skilled and educated entertainers. They perform dances, tea rituals, poetry recital etc. They also provide companionship. Geishas join the profession from an early age. Devoted to their craft they do not marry but dedicate themselves to this extraordinary artform.  Experiencing time with these intelligent, skilled and charming women is an enlightening experience. A Geisha will attend to your every need and engage you in stimulating conversation.

The word ‘geisha’ translates as ‘entertainer’  although ‘hostess’ might be a more accurate take.

What is the difference between a geisha and an escort?

High class escorts have a lot in common with geishas. A high class escort will also be highly cultured and able to entertain her client in numerous ways. She should be educated, intelligent, cultured and able to discourse on a wide range of subjects. The central difference however is that an escort can provide sexual services too.

Both geishas and escorts are highly skilled companions who know how to look after a client. In a way, the best high class escorts are like a super geisha – they offer everything the geisha offers in terms of art and attentiveness, but with added intimacy that a geisha cannot provide.

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