The hottest Sydney Escorts

What is it about the hottest Sydney Escorts that differentiates them from the rest of the World’s escorts?

Well first up, in NSW it is legal to be an escort and it is also legal to fun a brothel as long as you have a licence. So with the fear of breaking the law taken away girls in Sydney are free to get on with the job in hand. They can focus their energies on delivering a first class service to you and know that they are protected by the laws of the State.

Secondly, Australia has an amazing reputation globally for having very fit, very beautiful and very sexy girls. Probably third in the World after Brazil and Sweden and definitely way ahead of most European countries. At Jingle Bells we believe it is the great outdoor lifestyle, high gym attendance, obsession with sport and straight forward down the line love of sex that gives us the edge.

The Hottest Sydney Escorts are in Wetherill Park

But don’t take our word for it when you can find out for yourself with a trip to Western Sydney’s favourite brothel the one and only Jingle Bells. You will always be welcomed with a smile by the hottest Sydney escorts and great company awaits you as well as great rooms, and great girls.

The best Sydney brothel is tucked away in Wetherill Park so it it very discreet but easily accessible from the M7 or the M4 motorways.

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