Japanese Rope Work

Japanese rope work sydney love{yarn}

With love in our hearts and the occasional rope burn, we bring you the Jingle Bells Japanese Rope Work Experience.

After a recent visit from a gentleman from Tokyo, one or two of the Jingle Bells Girls learned their first knots. Now, up until recently, they were lucky if they could tie their own leather boot laces….but after a bit of practice on each other, they are beginning to get the hang of it. So why not drop by and see for yourselves….novices treated delicately and with love xxx

West Sydney Japanese Rope Work for beginners classes….when you’re ready boys!

Japanese Rope Work is the english name for shibari, the japanese fine art of bondage. A typical performance might last half an hour and display elaborate knots constructed in meticulous detail, complex and yet with a visual simplicity that is incredibly appealing to the eye. In the words of one experienced practitioner we spoke to shibari is “…aerial tango, done with flow and passion.”

Some people compare it to a meditation, a silencing of the chatter of everyday life.

Most of this rope work is at the gentler end of the broad spectrum we call BDSM. In bondage it makes sense to have some protocols, safe words, agreed forms of address, set positions. behaviour and etiquette etc. There is certainly something of the military about it. It is erotic, tying each other up. Adult games, where orgasms are the prizes.



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