Jingle Bells Lovers Guide


Do: Ask first, be gentle, be sensitive, remember you are trying to turn her on not off. Do kiss her all over her body, she will respond in kind.
Don’t: Kiss like a gargling camel. It maybe pleasant for lady camels but not for Jingle Bells girls. Keep your liquids to yourself. If you get near the ears be especially gentle please. Do not blow in her ear like you a playing trumpet for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. When kissing do not leave a dribbling trail of man saliva everywhere. It feels as revolting as it sounds.


Do: Be gentle. They are very sensitive and very delicious. Stroke gently, caress and kiss.
Don’t: Bite the nipples, they are not jelly beans. And a gentle suck is one thing but do not try to vacuum pump for milk that is not there.
Also don’t only focus on the nipples but also don’t squeeze the breasts! Gentle caresses will go a lot further to turn her on.


Do: Charge your lovers libido with ecstasy by sensitivity, gentleness and firmness in various degrees.
Don’t: Squeeze too hard or bite. Nipples and the clitoris are incredibly sensitive.

Lady parts

Do: Treat with the utmost delicacy. The gentlest of touches are the most effective at stirring the fire within.
Don’t: The clitoris is many times more sensitive than the glans (head of the penis, or helmet) so treat it accordingly. You may have watched some filthy pornographic films where gentlemen are not gentlemen. Do not apply that knowledge with a Jingle Bells girl (unless she invites you to do so) Love me tender, Love me do……is a philosophy that will go a long way. Remember if you turn her on it’s a lot more fun for both of you.


Do: The entire Kama Sutra and a few extras too.
Don’t: Do anything extreme or violent. Always be polite enough to ask if you have a strange request. Our girls are very open-minded and know a lot of incredible positions and techniques themselves. Not every girl at Jingle Bells speaks the greek language so ask politely first if that is something you would like to try. Ask what they would like to do too! You may be surprised in the most delicious of ways.

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