Kissing – why do the French do it best?

Two people touching lips has been a sensual act since the dawn of time.

Nothing captures affection and arouses the senses quite like a passionate kiss.

At Jingle Bells, several of our ladies enjoy kissing their clients to heighten the pleasure.

But why is deep, passionate kissing known as a French Kiss?

A French kiss earned its reputation early in the 20thcentury, with the French becoming more widely known for their adventurous and passionate sex practices.

When British and American soldiers were returning home from Europe after World War I, they greeted their wives and girlfriends as they observed the “sexually adventurous” French did — with lusty, passionate kisses.

And here we are, all these decades later, enjoying this soft yet satisfying arousal with many partners over our lives.

There are many tips and tricks – even YouTube videos– on how to master the French Kiss. But practice on a real, passionate woman is irreplaceable. And as they say, practice alwaysmakes perfect. Have you tried the renowned Jingle Bells Erotic Coaching? Sessions can be one-off or regular, whatever you need to master the bedroom techniques you desire.

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