Mastering Oral Sex

Do you enjoy the sign of a pair of bright red lips wrapped around your pulsating cock?

And you want to know the best tips to make her feel as good as she makes you feel?

You’ve cum to the right place!

Firstly, kudos to you for being a legend looking to pleasure your woman. The ultimate sexual experiences come when both players are feeling aroused. High five!

Oral sex on a woman isn’t rocket science, but it certainly takes practice and the first thing to remember is: this isn’t a speed race.

Women take time to become aroused, and if you want her spending time with her lips around your cock, you need to invest just as much time, if not more, with your head between her legs.

According to, these are the top three tips for mastering oral sex on a woman:

1. Warm her up: Lots of foreplay!

Basically, the golden rule to be an expert lover is to be able to warm up the woman with lots of foreplay. This is true for every kind of sex act including, of course, oral sex. Women don’t get turned on in the same ways that men do. We need to get mentally in the mood for sex, and then get our bodies warmed up.

2. Don’t go straight for her clitoris

If skipping the foreplay is the number one mistake generally in sex, going directly to the clitoris is the number one and most common mistake men do with oral sex. Just as your woman needs to be warmed up mentally and physically; her vulva and her clitoris also need to be warmed up. The clitoris, with about of 8.000 nerve endings and the only function of giving her pleasure; it’s definitely the most sensitive part of the woman’s body, actually, too sensitive to handle direct stimulation without a proper warm up.

3. Explore every inch of her vulva

All of her vulva is full of sensitive spots that if they could talk they would scream to you “Hey! Come here and kiss me, lick me, flick me… Suck me!… We feel too!” Seriously, the clitoris is the orgasm spot, yes it is, but it is not the only place that is craving for your

There you have it! The master tricks to make your partner feel just as sexually aroused as you are in the bedroom. Need someone to practice on? We have an eager team of ladies whose personal instruction can guide you every step of the way. See our Erotic Coaching page for more.

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