Positions from the Kama Sutra

THE 64 positions (from the Sanskrit original) as described in the Kama Sutra aphorisms. This is not a literal translation of meaning, but certainly gives the feel and meaning well we think.

  1. Nominal Kissing
  2. Wrestling of the tongues
  3. Pressing Yoni Kiss
  4. Kissing the Yoni Blossom
  5. Sucking a mango fruit
  6. Consuming the Lingam
  7. The kiss of crow
  8. The kiss of crow – variation
  9. The splitting of the bamboo
  10. The bud
  11. The outstretched clasping position
  12. The side-by-side clasping position
  13. The conch
  14. The union of the crab
  15. The churning of the cream
  16. The flag of cupid
  17. The flower in the bloom
  18. Indrani
  19. The lotus-like position
  20. The monkey
  21. The union of fixing a nail
  22. The union of the spinning top
  23. The union like a swing
  24. The turning union with man on top
  25. The full-pressed union
  26. The half-pressed union
  27. The packed union
  28. The yawning position
  29. The yawning position – variation
  30. The widely open – position
  31. The wife of Indra
  32. The amazon
  33. The feet yoke
  34. The knot of fame
  35. The lotus
  36. The peacock
  37. The swing
  38. The trapeze
  39. The union like a pair of tongs
  40. The tortoise
  41. The peddling tortoise
  42. The Yab Yum position
  43. The ass
  44. The cat
  45. The congress of the cow
  46. The rutting of the deer
  47. The dog
  48. The pressing of the elephant
  49. The congress of the elephant
  50. Inversion
  51. One knot
  52. The Rhino
  53. The rear-entry stride
  54. The wheelbarrow (or thunderbolt)
  55. The wrestler
  56. The encircling
  57. The face-to-face position
  58. Fame
  59. The knee-elbow position
  60. Two palms
  61. The climbing of the tree
  62. The suspended position
  63. The swing
  64. The tripod

14. The union of the crab:

The man sits up at a 45 degree angle, leaning back with his hands to support him. The woman assumes the same position straddling the man, her legs on top of his. Both partners have an opportunity to take control in this position, and it allows for a variety of thrusting and grinding movement.

15. The churning of the cream:

Kamadhenu, the celestial cow with the head of a woman, born from the churning of the Sea of Milk, has the gift of making every wish come true. The deserted wife prays to her. O Kamadhenu! She bemoans the happy times when her beloved showered her with caresses. And here is the lover returning! He had a dream, he says. Kamadhenu was before him. She had his beauty’s face, her mouth was trembling, her beautiful eyes glistening with tears. Repentant, he throws himself to her knees. The lover forgives him. He embraces her, crushing her nearly to the point of suffocation. Hugs and kisses on her thighs, hugs and kisses on her breasts. Thanking the celestial cow for opening his eyes, the lover turns his lingam all around inside the delicious yoni. Divine reunion. Churning the cream

61. Climbing the Tree:

This one is just gorgeous . Right arm and left leg hoisted over each shoulder of your fella.
Simply imagine yourself climbing your man as you would a tree. Use his penis as a supporting branch to keep you steady on your way up and down.

If you haven’t been going to ballet as often as you used to, you can sling your leg around his waist instead. If you get tired swop legs.

This one works best if both lovers are a similar height.

It’s great for building sexual energy as it can take a while to build to orgasm. This is a lovely face to face Kama Sutra position and you can still play and exchange a lot of caresses with one free hand if you are strong enough.

…and it’s a unique type of sexual climax. Electric!

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