The Jingle Bells Guide to Sex Toys

Here’s a fact – every Jingle Bells Girl loves to receive a sex toy. So don’t be shy if you feel like buying your favourite girl a little treat. And the best news is that you can be absolutely sure she will be very skilled in the arts of our silicon and rubber friends. So think inside the box so to speak, follow our guide and you can both enjoy a climax or three to remember.

The dildo: A good old-fashioned dildo never lets a girl down. Plain can be a little dull though so there is always the option of a dildo realistic veins, and fully shaped at the sharp end. Some girls love that although some blokes find it a bit of a challenge to be in the same room with an effigy of what is after all another blokes wonger.

Jingle Tip: Find a dildo that curves up to hit the G-spot.

The Rabbit Vibrator

Sex in the City turned the Rabbit Vibrator into an urban legend. Suddenly every girl in Western Sydney seemed to have one. Rabbitoh is well known for its ability to stimulate the clitoris whilst giving a full pussy and G-Spot thrill experience.

Jingle Tip: Be sure to check for rabbit accessories as there are some really peachy ones available

Rabbit Vibrator

Bullet vibrators

They’re sleek, discreet and straight to the cherry tom. Sized with the Lady-button in mind these cunning little jugglers always get our Candy worked up to a crescendo of ecstasy.

Oral Sex Simulator

Hailed by stay-at-home mothers from the Northern Beaches as “The Invention of the Century,” the oral sex simulator features a wheel of little silicone tongues that flick the clit and feel just like the real thing. You couldn’t make it up. And people say things aren’t as good as they used to be!

Jingle Tip: Ear plugs in… she’s going to scream.

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