Top 10 Sexual Needs of Women

Here’s  Jade’s list of  The Top 10 Sexual Needs of Women – what a Western Sydney girl may be craving in the bedroom.

Jingle Bells girls are highly sexual beings, so sexual that they enjoy sex as much as men do or more. They have strong sexual desires, nympho qualities that any boyfriend would love his girlfriend or wife to have – but of course they so often don’t. That’s just the way it is.  And the truth is these desires are not always based on emotions or driven by intimacy.

Sex to a Jingle Bells girl is not shame but fulfillment and your fulfillment is always at the top of her list. But it takes two to tango right?


top 10 sexual needs of women


So here’s a list of what women truly want in the sack, across a chair, in the shower, on the floor etc etc

#1 “Longer please.” And we are not talking length but the act of foreplay and the very game itself. According to the Journal of Sex Research, women and men both want foreplay to last for at least 18 minutes. Miss nothing. From the toes to the eyebrows. It all needs kissing. If you want better orgasms then more foreplay is the key.

#2 “Don’t go straight to the privates.” Going straight for the main course can decrease sexual tension. While you take the time to please her before penetration, try other erogenous zones like her feet, scalp, and the delicate skin behind her knees. Don’t skip smooching and necking.

#3 “A bit of rough and tumble ” Women are not as delicate as you think and most girls like a little bit of roughness from time to time – it’s sexy. Gently pull on her long locks as you take her from behind. Or try a bit of spanking.

#4 “Lick me!” Need we say more?

#5 “One girl or two or three….” Two’s company three’s a crowd. On the other hand the more the merrier. Most of the Jingle Bells girls not only love threesomes or group sessions they also fancy the knickers and garters off each other. So you can be sure that they are not only spoiling you and making the most of your enjoyment but fulfilling their lesbian tendencies too.

#6 “Tie me up.” Sex for women is all about surrender.  Tie her up and heighten the excitement with a blindfold. A bit of #1 and #4 here first and she’ll be like putty in your hands.

#7 “Talk dirty.” No need to be shy in the bedroom.  Jingle Bells Girls love dirty talking – it helps intensify sexual tension, but you need to assess her comfort level first. Not sure what to say? Start with a soft-core dirty language and work your way up.

#8 “Let’s role play.” Women may enjoy watching porn with you, but they have their own fantasies, too. Have you noticed the sudden popularity of novel like 50 Shades of Grey?  So what about nurse/doctor, teacher/student, and master/servant.

#9 “Toys-R-Us.” Please don’t feel inferior or incompetent in bed, if your lady wants to use vibrators or dildos.  It’s a girl thing. These are just accessories to help her get the most out of the moment. And maybe she can use them on you?

#10 “I’ll take your orders, too.” Like you, women also want to please you sexually. They don’t want to be left clueless in bed. Tell them what to do. They’d be more than happy to submit and follow your orders, as long as they’re within her means to perform.

Follow these tips and remember, happy and satisfying sex is when both can truly meet each other’s needs. Don’t be afraid to ask the girls what they want and experiment with any novel suggestions. Imagination is everything, hers and yours.


Big Kiss and see you soon,

Jade x

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