Western Sydney Favourite Sex Positions

Jingle Bells, your favourite Western Sydney gentleman’s club has been busy collating big data from our extensive survey of the sex life of the Western Sydney woman. Here’s some of the results we’ve found…  some cliches, some surprises and some things that even we were red-faced about.

  1. Western Sydney girls are big fans of spooning. In our recent survey it turns out that 39{c3ba9e66e47c2cd801fe479c61d89110032c7c07c976cfcc9376f25cec21a0e1} chose it as their favourite way to cuddle up.
  2. Specifically Liverpool and Strathfield girls prefer a little bit of girl-on-top while people from Penrith are partial to the reverse cowgirl.
  3. Missionary is popular in Cabramatta
  4. The majority of girls from Emu Plains prefer to do it standing up.
  5. A quarter of Mount Druitt woman surveyed like to 69
  6. And what may not come as a big surprise – girls from Erskine Park like to do it doggy style.

69 in Wetherill Park

But the overwhelming conclusion we came to was that Wetherill Park is definitively Sydney’s most sexually adventurous suburb. On the kinkometer, it was 97/100. The next nearest suburb of Badgerys Creek had a mere 63/100.

So what makes WP the Queen of Kink? Well it’s the girls and we like to think the influence of the Bells too. Amongst the favourite naughtinesses Wetherill Park girls love a bit of themed dress-up, they are unreservedly into  bondage, a little S & M here and there, some Japanese rope work, my little pony and… not one for every suburb… adult babies. In a modern world full of new technology and environmental hazard it can only be a good thing to have such a diverse range of sexual tendencies. Sex is known to be health, it’s good for the heart and is a tonic to any flagging spirit and what is more it has a tiny ballerina like carbon footprint.

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