Wetherill Park Brothels – home to adult fun in Sydney

It is time to turn a normal business day in Sydney into a fun filled, memory making, mind blowing erotic experience? Well first things first – you need to get yourself to the best brothel in Western Sydney. (In case you are wondering that would be Jingle Bells Brothel.)

Spending your free time with an exceedingly attractive woman is a first class decision. Meeting beautiful women is not always easy. Some of us work in jobs that rarely give us that opportunity. That’s exactly why a legal Sydney brothel is the perfect solution to any need for intimacy, affection and eroticism. There is no need to look at any other brothels in Wetherill park, we have it all.

Here’s what Brett (not his real name) had to say after his first visit to Jingle Bells Sydney brothel.

“I’m not so much into whips and ropes, but I do like the woman to be in charge. I am in a long-term relationship and very happy. My only complaint is that sexually I’m the one who has to initiate sex. It’s a strange construct. I don’t know why some women insist on it. My partner and I have had the conversation but I think that’s just the way she is. But it’s all good because I pop down to Jingle Bells when I need a different kind of woman. I think that way it stops me from going stark raving mad. Either way it’s very enjoyable and the Jingle Bells girls are exceptionally talented.

At the Bells I always know she wants it, and is not shy to dictate the terms. I am the submissive and do what I’m told.

I like come in about twice a month. I think my partner would be horrified if she knew but I made a decision to keep it secret. I quite enjoy having a secret life. It adds to the overall experience on the planet. I’m not ashamed but it would be nice to be open about it. Recently my girl went off on one about how society should support sex workers and backed it up with a quote from Germaine Greer. I nearly burst out with… “I’m glad you feel like that, because I regularly visit a local brothel.” Obviously, I stopped myself short. But it did strengthen my belief that we all live with double standards. Maybe that’s no bad thing.”

…and 34 year old truck driver Graham takes this view….

“Since my girlfriend dropped me six months ago it has been a bit of a drought on the sex front. It’s not that I’ve had no opportunities and I’m sure a lot of women would probably think “What’s the big deal?” It’s just that most blokes need to have a minimum amount of sex to stop them going completely crazy. I think it’s the way we are built. It’s hard wired in the DNA. If we don’t have sex for a few days, a couple of weeks at most, then we sort of blow up.”

Wetherill Park Brothels have a an exceptional reputation in Sydney for discretion, quality and value and Jingle Bells is Wetherill Park’s number one name in quality adult fun. Looking for brothels in Wetherill Park? Look no further.

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