What’s it Like to Work in a Western Sydney Brothel?

If we’re being honest here, working in a Western Sydney brothel is great and it does come with perks, but there’s also a downside to it, just like any other job. Having a job in a brothel in Western Sydney is not so bad as one might think, you get to meet different people, make lots of money, and if you love sex, then brothel work can be for you!

In this article, we’re going to answer the question on what it’s like to work in a brothel in Western Sydney or any brothel for that matter. We won’t be sugar-coating it and say “it’s all great”, we’re not doing that! Instead, we’re giving you the absolute truth on what it means to work in a brothel.



You’ll work with different people, co-workers and clients

This is one of the things you’d want to keep in mind when you plan or want to work in a brothel in Sydney or in any brothel. Whether you work as a “service provider” or receptionist, you’ll always meet different people and as both, you’ll have to provide quality service and you have to be accommodating with each client as much as possible.

Meeting different people does not only go with clients, but also your co-workers. Like most brothels, there’s a schedule for what day an employee will be working in a week and usually in a brothel, especially in Western Sydney, the service providers are different each day or week. Why? It’s because most clients, especially regular ones, usually want to see different girls every time they come in.


You’re more of a stress reliever than just a sex worker

You might find this odd, but people who go to brothels don’t just go there for the sex. Most of them just want to take a break, relieve themselves from the stresses of life, and just try to catch their breath before stepping back into society’s “norm”.

As a service provider or receptionist, it’s your job to make them feel like they are the king of their world. In basic terms, you need to make them feel good about themselves again. You’ll be surprised when you find out that most clients just want to talk to someone or want to have someone they can cuddle with. Sex is great and all, but there are also some things which can also make you feel good. As a service provider, it’s your job to make their experience sweet and memorable as much as possible.


Great pay!

Like most brothel jobs, you can expect that the pay is great. Some establishments like the Jingle Bells even pay you a hefty amount along with great benefits. You can also expect that you’ll get bonus incentives for your services.

Sex is precious, and because of it, you can expect that you’ll get paid in an amount that’ll beat the average worker’s wage. Some workers are even saying that you can earn a whole week’s pay in just one day. This is true, especially when you already have regular clients and if you provide an excellent service for all of them.

 Like most brothel workers, their usual reasons for working there are to pay for school, help the family out, afford travel, buy the things they want, great pay, and some just love sex. If you love sex, then this is one high paying opportunity for you!


Good or bad management

Before you enter this line of work, you need to give it a bit of time before you directly apply for a job in a certain establishment. The management of any brothel is an important factor if you want to work in a brothel. You can ask employees first if the management in their brothel is good or not.

There are cases wherein brothel workers complain because their management is too rough on them and they don’t treat their employees well. So make sure to ask first and do a little research on the brothel you plan to work at.


Good and bad clients

Like any other job, you can either meet with someone who’s sweet and kind or you’ll meet with one of the most despicable persons in your life. Sadly, this is quite true, especially in brothels. That’s why if you plan to work at a brothel, it’s good to be emotionally strong, brave, and understanding because you’ll need it when you’re dealing with a bad client or a “creep”, in general.

You shouldn’t forget that they’re not all bad guys. There are good clients out there and you should remember that. Most of them just really want a good time and that’s what you can give them.


Your co-workers and management can be like family

You’re lucky if you work in a place where the co-workers and management look after each other like a family. There are brothels in Western Sydney or other brothels in the world where this is true. You’ll feel more connected with the girls you work with and some can even stay friends even after work hours.

If your bosses or the management looks after you, then you’re lucky. They are obviously good to work with because they also prioritize their employees rather than just their employees.


Regular medical checks

Obviously, if you work in a brothel, regular medical checks are required. It’s to keep you and the clients safe from any diseases (STDs). Like most establishments in Western Sydney or any brothel, wearing “protection” is advised.

It’s important to undergo regular medical checks to ensure you and your client’s safety.

 These are just some of the things you will find when you’re working in a brothel. There are still many positive and negative things you’ll find when you work as a service provider or receptionist. In simpler terms, people pay you to have a good time and as one who works in a brothel, you’re the one who provides them with the best experience.

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