First Time Visitors to Jingle Bells: Our 10-Step Guide

What do you think when we say: “Adult entertainment club”? Handcuffs. Whips. Nipple clamps, right?! Mention the word ‘brothel’ to many people, and this is what immediately comes to mind. And whilst there’s absolutely nothing wrong with some BDSM between consenting adults, a high-end Sydney brothel like Jingle Bells offers a wide range of experiences…

A Discrete COVID-Safe Good Time

Boys, it’s time to log off PornHub! UPDATE! We are registered for the NSW COVID Check-in, but don’t worry, we’re registered in the business category of ‘Other’ and all data is removed after 28 days. So, your secret is safe with us 😉 Say good-bye to those sticky mobile phones. No more hurried retreats to…

Christmas in July Party

Christmas in July PARTY at Jingle Bells on Thursday July 25, Friday July 26, Saturday July 27.

Santa’s little helpers will have you cumming twice.

Don’t forget guys, we are naughty but nice.

See you at the party xoxo

14 Sleigh Place, Wetherill Park.
(02) 9757 1110
Open from 10am to 6am on the FRIDAY!!

Mastering Oral Sex

Do you enjoy the sign of a pair of bright red lips wrapped around your pulsating cock? And you want to know the best tips to make her feel as good as she makes you feel? You’ve cum to the right place! Firstly, kudos to you for being a legend looking to pleasure your woman.…

Sydney’s Naughtiest Halloween Party

Halloween is by far the sexiest Holiday of the year, and Jingle Bells is the hottest place to celebrate! This wild costume party is one that will be forever seared into your memory.  Where: JINGLE BELLS 14 Sleigh Place, Wetherill Park When: October 31, 2018  The costumes get the ladies fired up and naughtier than ever. You can…

Kissing – why do the French do it best?

Two people touching lips has been a sensual act since the dawn of time. Nothing captures affection and arouses the senses quite like a passionate kiss. At Jingle Bells, several of our ladies enjoy kissing their clients to heighten the pleasure. But why is deep, passionate kissing known as a French Kiss? A French kiss…

Woman and man playing domination games in bed together

Expert Pleasure Techniques for the Bedroom

Firstly, legend, you’re actually wanting genuine pleasure for your woman. Go you! The best sex has mutual pleasure and extreme climaxes, and those only come from both of you wanting the other to have the best experience of your lives.   The biggest sex organ for women? The Brain Sex may seem “instinctive” for men,…

Best brothel Sydney Jingle Bells lady Danni on bed clutching breasts

Maximise your pleasure in Sydney

You may be looking for the best boutique brothel while you’re in Sydney. It is not hard to find a range of brothels, like on Redlight Australia, but it is definitely hard to find the best. If you want to find the best amongst the Western Sydney brothels, then you need to consider these points…